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Metro Ethernet (Fiber & EoC) Pricing Examples*

Speed As Low As Installation YOUR PRICE
2 Mbps $167/mo FREE GET QUOTE
10 Mbps $329/mo FREE GET QUOTE
20 Mbps $459/mo FREE GET QUOTE
50 Mbps $554/mo FREE GET QUOTE
100 Mbps $864/mo FREE GET QUOTE
1 Gbps $918/mo FREE GET QUOTE


99.999% Uptime GUARANTEED

When downtime is not an option


With speeds starting at 10Mbps and ranging up to a full 10 Gigabits, you can now transfer large sets of data seamlessly and on time with Metro Ethernet Services from Smartnet Telecom.


What is Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet services provide state of the art fiber based connectivity that can be used for dedicated high speed internet access as well as secure multi branch point to point communications. When compared to traditional T-1 services, Metro Ethernet access offers the most advanced routing functionality and highest guaranteed data transfer speeds.

With uploads and downloads starting at 2Mbps and ranging up to a full Gigabit, you can now transfer large sets of data seamlessly and on time.


Application Performance Booster

Businesses today rely heavily on fast and quality internet access to power their daily operations and IT needs. Web based applications and Voice over IP telephony services have specific jitter, latency and packet loss requirements. If these needs aren’t met then your operations are slowed down and compromised. Orders take longer to process, voice calls sound choppy or distorted and ultimately productivity is affected. With Smartnet Metro Ethernet services you have guaranteed Quality of Service and Uptime for maximum application and staff productivity.


Future Proof Operations with Ethernet Service

Ethernet services scale very easily and are ready to grow with your business. Unlike T-1’s or other connection types with limited capacity, Metro Ethernet access can start with 10Mpbs of transfer and grow with a simple upgrade request without another circuit installation or length deployment time.


Common Questions

  1. What is fiber internet?
    Fiber internet refers to internet access provided via a dedicated fiber optic circuit. Fiber optic connectivity is virtually future proof and the most advanced internet service available.
  2. Does it have an SLA?
    All Smartnet Metro Ethernet and Fiber Optic services offer an industry leading Service Level Agreement guaranteeing service uptime, speed and quality.
  3. How does a Metro E compare to a T-1?
    T-1 services are delivered using legacy analog copper circuits and have a data transfer capacity of 1.5Mbps. Metro E services are delivered using fiber optic technology and offer extended LAN functionality with speeds up to 1 Gbps.
  4. What does a Metro E cost?
    Metro Ethernet pricing varies slightly by service address. You may also qualify for large discounts of you bundle internet and phone services. Click here to get pricing.
  5. Are Metro E services available in my area?
    Availability of Metro Ethernet and other Smartnet Business Internet Services varies by service address. Click here to check if you qualify for Metro Ethernet services.
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