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What is a T1

Most businesses know that a T1 is a big deal but they really don’t know what it is. In simple terms a T1 defines a commercial type of telecom circuit that can be used for voice or data services. It delivers the equivalent of 24 analog copper lines but using digital technology. Internet T-1’s are best known for their reliability and uptime. Although downloads are not as fast as some types of internet access, T-1’s provide dedicated symmetrical bandwidth essential for most VoIP, Business and Server applications.


How Does a T-1 Benefit My Business

T-1’s comes with certain perks that are important for companies that rely on the internet for daily operations. For example, a business T-1 has a Service Level Agreement that guarantees service uptime. It also receives priority response and resolution support when compared to Cable or DSL based services. This can be very important in a time of urgency like after a hurricane or other disaster. In addition since T-1’s are a dedicated internet service your meaning upload and download speeds are guaranteed.


Common Questions

  1. Can a T-1 be used for Voice and Internet at the same time?
    Yes. With a single T-1 you can operate VoIP and Business applications plus surf the internet or receive emails.
  2. What is a bonded T-1?
    This is when two T-1s are delivered together doubling the speed and used as a single service.
  3. How fast is a T-1?
    A Single T-1 provides 1.544Mpbs of dedicated symmetrical bandwidth. This means you have guaranteed equal upload and downloads speeds.
  4. What does a T-1 Cost?
    T-1 pricing varies slightly by service address. You may also qualify for large discounts of you bundle internet and phone services. Click here to get pricing.
  5. Are T-1 services available in my area?
    Availability of T-1 and other Smartnet Business Internet Services varies by service address. Click here to check if you qualify for T-1 services.
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