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Business Class Internet Access

Our fixed wireless solution is a fantastic T1 replacement for companies looking to increase their dedicated internet access without compromising their service quality. Services range from 3 Mpbs (double the speed of a T1) to 50 Mpbs and are available in Miami Dade and Broward. Fixed Wireless Internet services are also more affordable than T1’s. Using AirMAX technology we’re able to avoid high cost telco circuits that drive up the price to the customer.

Providing the same quality and speeds found with other traditional internet services, Smartnet Wireless Business Internet is designed to help decrease spending and increase productivity.

Purpose built for VoIP and Business Applications you’re sure have the speed and QOS you need to have a great service experience.


Smartnet AirMAX Business Internet is a great solution for:

  • VoIP, Video and SIP services
  • Accessing Hosted or Cloud based Business Applications
  • Backup for primary T-1 or Metro Ethernet service
  • Temporary Internet Access for Events and Construction sites
  • Any type of Internet Access


Fixed Wireless Benefits:

• Dedicated and Point to Point Service
• Leading SLA with 99.99% Uptime
• Low latency for clear internet
• Installed in 3-5 Days
• Cheaper than a T-1


Common Questions

  1. Can fixed wireless internet be used for Voice and Internet at the same time?
    Yes. Smartnet AirMAX Business Internet can be used for several services at the same time and deliver maximum Quality of Service.
  2. Do storm clouds affect the service?
    Fixed wireless internet uses point to point technology and is not affected by storm clouds. Even if the power is out, your fixed wireless internet can operate using POE and or a UPS backup.
  3. How fast is business wireless internet?
    Dedicated Internet speeds start at 3Mbps are reach over 50Mpbs.
  4. What does Wireless Business Internet cost?
    Pricing varies slightly by service address. You may also qualify for large discounts of you bundle internet and phone services. Click here to get pricing.
  5. Are fixed wireless services available in my area?
    Availability of Fixed Wireless and other Smartnet Business Internet Services varies by service address. Click here to check if you qualify for T-1 services.
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