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VoIP is an acronym for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and has become the one of the most efficient, reliable and affordable ways of transmitting voice calls over an IP (“Internet Protocol”) network VS. a traditional telephony network. It’s been in use by enterprises and small business for over a decade and is quickly becoming the standard for voice call delivery.

A Hosted PBX is a VoIP based phone system that is hosted and managed by a business VoIP provider like Smartnet Telecom. It includes executive phone system features like a digital receptionist, department based routing, extension dialing and more without any expensive upfront investments. In most cases all you need are IP phones and an internet connection. For more information on hosted PBX services please read here.

SIP Trunking is the term used to describe voice trunking services delivered over the internet. It is used by business with traditional legacy phone systems and newer SIP enabled PBX’s. Unlike traditional wire-line voice trunks like plain old telephone service, voice T-1’s and PRI’s, SIP Trunks offer a cost saving alternative with superb flexibility, advanced features and disaster recovery options. SIP, which stands for “Session Initiated Protocol” is the international standard for delivering VoIP services. For more on SIP Trunking service please read here.

For VoIP services to work well they require a quality internet connection. The amount of internet required depends on the call compression used and the amount of active calls the customer expects to have throughout the work day. In most cases VoIP services will use about 35-50KBPs per active call when compressed and 80-100KBPs per call when un-compressed. To see if your network connection qualifies for VoIP services click here.

In most cases all you need to benefit from VoIP services are IP or SIP Handsets. A good internet router will also be beneficial for QoS (“Quality of Service”) network policies that will ensure your VoIP service gets priority internet access for crystal clear sound quality. If you have an existing phone system that is not VoIP capable an IAD (“Integrated Access Device”) or Digital Telephone Adapter can convert the VoIP service to traditional phone lines or a PRI handoff. In the case of SIP enabled PBXs nothing is needing and SIP Trunking can be delivered directly to your IP phone system.


Smartnet has extensive coverage throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. Phone numbers are available from every major city and outbound dialing is possible to virtually anywhere. For more information on Smartnets Coverage please read here.


YES. Customers choosing Smartnet Telecom as their phone service provider can keep all their existing local and toll free phone numbers.

Yes. Whether you have a legacy phone system that requires traditional phone lines or a PRI or you operate a SIP enabled PBX, Smartnet Business VoIP phone services can be used.