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Not All VoIP Providers Are Equal

Smartnet Telecom is a provider of business VoIP phone services. Our telephony solutions range from fully managed hosted PBX systems to SIP Trunking, Unified Communications and Business Phone Lines. We operate an enterprise business VoIP platform with direct IP and PSTN interconnects to over 40 major carriers in the US. Our phone number coverage includes all 50 states, Canada and over 60 different countries making Smartnet one of the largest business VoIP providers in the market space.


Built for Business VoIP

Smartnet maintains an international VoIP network with multiple Points of Presence or POPs. Our flagship Datacenter is located within the NAP of the Americas, a Tier-IV facility and one of the most significant telecommunications projects in the world. Our business VoIP services are delivered through VoIP optimized bandwidth for crystal clear sound quality. Every moving part has a hot-standby failover available for maximum uptime of your business VoIP services.


Happy VoIP Customers

Servicing over thirty thousand phone numbers throughout the US, Smartnet has claimed its position as a reliable and cost effective telecom solutions provider. With services active in nearly every US state, we route business critical phone calls for thousands of satisfied customers. In addition, Smartnet provides value added features not available with other business VoIP providers that enhance the service offering, make our customers staff more productive and efficient while helping reduce their monthly telecom spending.

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Enjoying a Maximum Savings when you bundle up your telecom services. Our discounted single price solutions include high speed internet and business VoIP.