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What is Smarter-Fax

Smart-Fax is a digital business fax service that offers big business features at a small business price. It allows for traditional fax machines to send and receive messages as well as provides internet fax options like fax to email, online faxing, fax archiving and much more.


Smarter-FAX vs Traditional Electronic Fax Services

Electronic Fax is a popular fax service that allows customers to send and receive faxes by email as well as some desktop applications. Unfortunately, electronic Fax is not secure and does not allow you to use your standard fax machine. electronic Fax service plans are restricted and expensive offering only a limited amount of faxes to be sent and received with high per page overage charges. Smarter-FAX is a reliable analog and online fax service that uses 256-bit AES encryption for maximum security. It addresses the major issues of using an electronic Fax service while still providing enhanced machine, online, and email based faxing features. Smarter-FAX comes with Unlimited Inbound and Outbound Faxing with No Long Distance Charges for a low flat monthly rate. If you have an existing number you can transfer it to Smartnet or pick a new Local or Toll Free number at no additional cost.