Business Phone Service and Internet Provider




Smartnet Business Internet Solutions:

  • Fixed Wireless Internet – Our most cost effective yet powerful internet solution designed for small and medium sized businesses looking to replace their existing Cable, DSL, Fiber or T-1 internet with a faster more affordable service. Using state of the art fixed wireless technology we deliver symmetrical dedicated internet speeds ranging 3.0Mbps to 50Mpbs.
  • T-1 Dedicated Internet – T-1s have gained the trust of companies for decades and continue to power mission critical internet solutions with guaranteed bandwidth and industry leading Service Level Agreements. It is the most known business internet service for organizations that require a solid internet connection.
  • Metro Ethernet – A Fiber based commercial internet solution for businesses that require a large connection to the internet or in between their locations. Used to deliver point to point connectivity as well as premium dedicated internet access, Metro Ethernet circuits are the highest grade connection available with speeds as high as 1 Gbps.


Not All Internet is Equal

Smartnet operates one of the newest and most advanced business class internet networks in South Florida. With it we deliver point-to-point and dedicated internet services to SMBs and Corporations that require a solid internet solution. Based on a fully redundant fiber backbone, Smartnet provides internet speeds ranging from 1.5 Mpbs to over 1 Gbps. We offer guaranteed quality of service (QOS) with industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Whether your organization uses the internet for basic browsing and email or you require clear internet for VoIP and other internet based business applications, we have a solution designed to deliver the quality internet service you want at a price you can afford.


High Speed Internet Access

Today, many business applications and daily activities revolve around the internet. A fast internet connection is essential so that communications like emails and proposals are delivered quickly. A quality internet connection is a must for business applications and internet telephony services to function properly. Lastly, a reliable internet connection means your business can operate 24×7 without interruption. Business Class Internet services from Smartnet Telecom are designed to meet the tough standards your business needs at a price your business can afford.